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4 Followers5h 57m
songs w/o a home
6 Followers12h 22m
songs that i like but not as much anymore so they go here so i never lose them
idk how to express my emotions
16 Followers4h 26m
don’t cry, just be sad
good ol days
6 Followers20h 16m
the nights we live for
10 Followers5h 10m
this is like my 12th night playlist but this time having no issues and living life w ur friends
when the sun’s up
14 Followers11h 5m
day time indie/pop/alt music to get you through the day and keep you uplifted
white girl wasted
16 Followers9h 39m
a bottle of pink whitney and this playlist makes for me regretting 92.71% of the night
beach day
29 Followers6h 13m
driving to the beach & main character energy

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