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🧪 Try me, Gio
2 Followers 11h 51m
I am music curious
〜†☾ Witch House ☽†〜
31 Followers 54h 58m
it's a lot, plz shuffle play. k bai
What the hell bro
2 Followers 3h 47m
your jordans are /fucked/ up man
Music farm
1 Follower 227h 6m
main big large canyon
are ruined, fuck.
2 Followers 21h 53m
(☆.) as luzes estão me cegando novamente.
Warning: Toxic
7 Followers 341h 32m
All of my mess. Random assorted stuff. Mess of everything.
Ryan Celsius ° vibes.
19 Followers 364h 54m
a huge tribute to the best music channel on Youtube. [ phonk / trill / dark / chopped&screwed / memphis / trap / lofi ]
kuurankukkasia nyt kannan sisälläin ✿
0 Followers 2h 30m
tender sunlight beams through the crisp november haze into ur bus while u pass by picturesque landscapes. u exhale hot air into ur hands in hopes of warming up ur freezing fingertips but give up and instead trace the blooms of frost in the window while this playlist is blasting in ur ears

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