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komi-san wants you to be her 100th friend
26 Followers 3h 2m
,,, or maybe something more? || pl based on komi from komi-san can't communicate/komi-san wa komyushou desu B) || falling in love w/ komi shouko || ugh fine, i guess you are my little pogchamp, come here
Unexplained Nostalgia
19 Followers 59m
Feeling nostalgic for memories that im not sure ever happened.
Main Character Syndrome
35 Followers 2h 45m
When these songs come on i turn into a different person and start performing like someones literally watching me
April //2021//
5 Followers 11h 23m
this playlist is gonna be a long one I can feel it. As it turns out April is Taylors Month (T.M.)
LIFE 2.0?
1 Follower 60h 45m
Late 2018 - Present
0 Followers 49h 42m

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