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Unsorted ♥︎ songs, 2013 - Present
Sad songs for all your regrets.
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A feeling of despair about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made, and an unfulfillable wish that it could have been different and better. (lllustration © Keaton Henson)
Hurt Me / Hypophrenia
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Hypophrenia, a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause.
Get L♥︎st
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Anger and grudge are human feelings... so fuck you and get lost ♥︎
2017 Obsessions
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I dont like, I OBSESS. 2017 Edition.
people suck...a lot
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Guide to Heartbreak
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Rock|Metal|Pop [+6,000]
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The first 500 songs have a subtle transition between genres. Persistently adding new songs to the mix for current followers. If your seeking new jams or forgotten ones, consider yourself lucky. Go get yourself a cold beer because you stumbled upon the Big Daddy

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