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Highlights from September & October 2019.
New library
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Fuck you Spotify and your god damned 10,000 song limit.
True Albums🤞💽✔️
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Complete Artworks (*Sort by Artist)
Americium Artifacts Vol. 3
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A canon of significant mid-late American standards and songs. Performed by Americana luminaries, standing the test of time in their life and legacy, recorded from a period that stretched, roughly, from 1968 to 1973. (Roots Revival / Country Soul)
can I get a yeehaw
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songs for the plains
winter 2019
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KDVE Sunday at the Lake - Shuffle Mode
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Sitting by the lake with good friends, sunny weather, and a gin and tonic or two. Over 18 hours of grooves meant for shuffle mode.
Train Game
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A shuffle mode playlist. This song list was originally meant for when I play the Eurorails board game with my 88 year old mother. Lots of oldies. Expect a lot of Beatles as well.

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