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They are one of the few bands whose last album was their most successful. They made just five, and the last one, Synchronicity, released in 1983, was by far their biggest. Another album would surely be huge, but by then Sting had nearly complete creative control of the band, so it made more artistic sense for each member to pursue their own interests, which they did. Sting became a top solo artist; Summers took up photography and released more eclectic music; Copeland composed music for film and TV soundtracks.

The Police started as a punk band, originally with guitarist Henry Padovani. They played more complex styles when Andy Summers joined. For a short time they had four members, but Padovani left when it became clear that Summers was a better fit.

"Ambition is stronger than friendship," Sting told Phil Sutcliffe, the journalist who introduced him to Stewart Copeland in 1976. Sting was in a group called Last Exit; Copeland was part of a progressive rock outfit called Curved Air. Both groups were on their last legs. Summers, who studied classical guitar, had been on the English music scene for a while, including as a member of Soft Machine. The three had instant social and musical rapport, but when the downforce of fame pushed upon them, there were no childhood bonds to hold them together. "As long as the group is useful for my career I'll stay," said Sting. "When it isn't I'll drop it like a stone." The group began to crumble in 1984 when they took time off following their tour for Synchronicity. They returned in 1986 to play three Amnesty International benefit concerts, but plans for an album were scuppered by hard feelings and other commitments. The next time they worked together was 2007, when they reunited for a successful, but contentious tour that lasted over a year.


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