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Steven Tyler once said, "I must have snorted all of Peru." Perry and Tyler were known as "The Toxic Twins" because of their drug habits in the '70s. Among the tales of their indulgent revelry: chainsaws brought to hotel rooms to facilitate their destruction, extension cords so they could see the TVs explode when they threw them into swimming pools, cases of vintage wine finished off on a regular basis. Their performances suffered as well. As Joe Perry explained: "A lot of times we really sucked, but we'd stopped giving a s--t."

Tyler's real name is Steven Tallarico. His first band was called The Strangeurs, but they had to change their name because of a band called The Strangers. They became Chain Reaction, and Tallarico became Steven Tally. After Chain Reaction split up, he formed Aerosmith and became Steven Tyler. His first choice of stage name was Tyler Britt, but their manager talked him out of it and suggested Steven Tyler.

There is an Aerosmithsonian in the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. It consists of Tyler's microphone stand appropriately draped with scarves, one of his stage outfits made by Teresa Tyler, as well as boots that Joe Perry wore, denim jacket and pants (embellished by Teresa Tyler) worn by Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry's guitar, and Joey Kramer's drum head.


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