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Tate McRae is a Canadian singer, dancer, and actress who has gained international recognition for her pop music. She was born in Calgary to a Canadian father of Scottish descent and mother of German descent.

McRae wanted to be a performer since she was a toddler. "I had the most obnoxious personality when I was super young, I don't even know how my parents dealt with me," she recalled to Notion. "I remember I'd have my plastic mic, blue eyeliner all over my face, a cowboy hat and sparkly outfit - and I'd stand on top of the table like, 'Watch me, I'm performing for you!'"

When she was 4 years old, McRae relocated with her family to Oman because of her father's job. During their three-year stay, her mother taught dance lessons in the new location. After returning to Canada, Tate began to train intensively in dance.


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