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Lafayette, Louisiana native Lauren Daigle grew up in an environment of zydeco, blues and Cajun music and announced at the age of six that she wanted to be a singer.

As her teen years approached, Daigle pushed music to the backburner, unsure if it was her true calling. Instead she decided that she wanted to attend college to pursue a career in the medical field then go into mission work. However a devastating illness, infectious mononucleosis, kept her out of school for nearly two years because her immune system was so compromised. Daigle told Billboard that she believes the Lord brought her into that solitude in order to bring her to the realization that she needed to follow her true passion of music. "When I was sick in bed, I was having like, dreams and visions about different career stages and different awards, and the Grammys was actually one of them. I saw it like it was real. I started thinking like, am I having cabin fever? I kind of thought I was losing my mind there for a second. As time progressed, I just thought, "If I'm supposed to do this, God, you're just going to have to make a way for me to get out of bed and make it happen."

Daigle enrolled at Louisiana State University to pursue a degree in Child and Family Studies, but after landing a record deal with Centricity Music, she knew music was to be her vocation.


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