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The Civil Wars

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I'm depressed, but that's ok
452 Followers 1h 50m
You Made Her Like That
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meet me in the meadow
jake peralta's swiftie playlist
13 Followers 7h 23m
eu te amo taylor swift
I-J's Johnlock Playlist 2.0
198 Followers 84h 30m
A playlist filled with songs that remind us of John and Sherlock, submitted to Steph on tumblr (inevitably-johnlocked). Please enjoy! -Created on 06/07/19-
34 Followers 201h 11m
Cascalho essa playlist tá gigante, logo crio a segunda dela.
in ♥︎ w. a bad boy
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pov: vc se apaixonou por um típico bad boy <3
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