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back to those good old days
2 Followers 4h 46m
play this when u miss those vibes; weightless, just friends n funs. life was so much easier back then, wasn't it?
vacation vibe.
0 Followers 4h 56m
feeling fresh with empty head but beach and mountain all the way that passed.
0 Followers 1h 37m
Sugar High
0 Followers 2h 20m
soooooo high up in the clouds
2013-2015 roadtrip
3 Followers 3h 52m
take you back to the time when everything was okay
ruang waktu sekolah ( around 2015s )
0 Followers 4h 14m
gue dengerin lagu ini waktu smp - sma sih kayanya ( born in 2000s )
upbeat, fresh, and dance
0 Followers 29h 19m
Songs to Play in My Funeral
2 Followers 2h 24m

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