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emo compilation
1 Follower 49h 53m
um compilado das playlists de musicas emo e não emo(mas as pessoas chamam de emo) e math rock q dá pra chamar de emo tbm
Pop Punk
4 Followers 166h 58m
I want to be stereotyped I want to be classified
2 Followers 31h 27m
Not Quite Vibes
1 Follower 528h 39m
Basically my library playlist for casual listening & doing things like work, travelling, cooking, hobbies, etc.
2 Followers 4h 27m
wow shes edgy
39 Followers 64h 15m
Mostly pop punk with a sprinkle of classic emo XD Rawr Scene Queen Vibes
Warning: Toxic
7 Followers 324h 1m
All of my mess. Random assorted stuff. Mess of everything.
Harder State of Dance
1 Follower 5h 9m
Just the best hardstyle tracks.

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