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The Flaming Lips caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records in 1990 after an A&R executive from the company witnessed a show where the band almost burned down the venue. The gig happened at the American Legion Hall in Norman, Oklahoma and The Flaming Lips' pyrotechnics almost caught the building on fire. Warner Bros. signed the band shortly after the show.

In 1997, The Flaming Lips released a groundbreaking album called Zaireeka. The record consisted of four compact discs that were designed to be played simultaneously at the same time on four different CD players. In the two years prior to the album's release, The Flaming Lips conducted several experiments to ensure that the concept worked. One experiment involved handing out cassette copies to people in cars in one large parking lot and getting them all to play the tapes at the exact same time.

In the late '90s, The Flaming Lips' drummer Steven Drozd's arm was almost amputated due to what he claimed was a spider bite at the time. It was later discovered that Drozd's arm had become infected due to his heroin addiction. The band wrote about the experience in the 1999 tune "The Spiderbite Song."


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