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Hans Zimmer
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21st Instrumental
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Every single song i've ever (kinda) liked.
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just vibing
the teary eyed/unnecessarily ecstatic poporn-munching collection of soundtracks.
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what a soundtrack adds to the movie is beyond comprehension. i can only dream to fathom a scenario where instruments fail to not fuck my my dopamine.
spine-chilling, goosebumbumps-inducing, jaw-dropping, legs-shaking, skull-breaking tracks.
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from what i remember is, it's always a dark room, a company that really mattered at the instance (can be solitude), and some chill environment, which makes a song more than just a fucking collection of frequencies.
Reading Playlist: Adventurous
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For Adventurous scenes (e.g. in woods, new teritorry,etc)

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