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All four members members wrote songs and sang. They had three #1 hits in the UK, each with a different lead vocalist: "Rubber Bullets" - Lol Creme "I'm Not In Love" - Eric Stewart "Dreadlock Holiday" - Graham Gouldman

There was lots of crossover, but Gouldman and Stewart generally worked together while Godley and Creme paired up. This division grew as the band progressed, and by 1976 Godley and Creme were pursuing projects outside of the band, including development of a guitar effects unit called a Gizmotron. That year, they left the group, as Gouldman and Stewart wanted more dedication to the band. 10cc remained a top seller throughout the '70s, but sales dried up in the '80s and they split in 1983. Godley and Creme formed a successful duo (Godley & Creme) but made their biggest impact directing music videos. Among their creations is Herbie Hancock's "Rockit," which won five MTV Video Music Awards.

Despite numerous offers, the original band never reunited, except for a 1992 album called ...Meanwhile that featured cursory appearances by Godley and Creme. Gouldman has kept 10cc going in some form since 1999 using various musicians.


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