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Broken Bells

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brain no work
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tired lol
The Evan Herndon Experience
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Across 809 Songs, 300 years, 238 Artists, 14 Video Games, and 45 Hours of Music, this is the entire catalog of music that I like.
something beautifully tragic i have missed
7 Followers 10h 12m
MMXVIII ☾ Title: Moonface - Sad Suomenlinna ☽
Prepare Yourself
18 Followers 51h 18m
Less EDM, more basically every other genre I listen to.
basics - sun's out
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Jack's Tracks
57 Followers 14h 56m
Some tracks you know, some tracks you don't. A Curated playlist for after parties, chilling and background music while working. Updated Monthly. Best served on shuffle.

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