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"Yonaguni" is a devotional stream-of-consciousness where Bad Bunny talks of his feelings for a woman. She already has a lover, but this does not stop the Puerto Rican artist drunkenly fantasizing about her. He longs for the object of his affection to ditch her partner so they can get intimate together. Bunny uses the remote Japanese island of Yonaguni, the country's westernmost inhabited point, as a metaphor for his willingness to go to the farthest reaches of the Earth to be with this lady.

The island of Yonaguni is a place steeped in mystery. A legendary 15th-century female leader, San'ai Isoba, was believed to possess super-human strength, and the mythical figure's mighty powers allowed her to protect her people from foreign attacks. Today, Yonaguni's striking underwater rock formation makes it a popular scuba diving attraction. Although Bad Bunny had never been to the island, something clicked for him to make it the faraway location that shows the lengths he would go for love.

Though most of the track is in Spanish, in keeping with its title Bad Bunny performs the outro in Japanese. Translated into English, the outro goes: I want to have sex today But only with you Where are you? Where are you? I want to have sex today But only with you Where are you? Where are you? Eh

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