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A Very Large Playlist ✌
22 Followers 257h 2m
The more Rock the better
2 Followers 5h 12m
A Tame Impala Inspired Playlist
Red Wine and Cheese
63 Followers 160h 11m
Make people turn their heads 🔭 music for cool parents and cooler kids
Apathetic Cloudy Garbage
7 Followers 77h 41m
A skeuomorphic disaster, iPod angst, magnetic terror, or firm butter that won't shmere. We ran out of milk for your coffee type beat. Sometimes a care in/for the world
las canciones que sonarían si tuviera una radio
0 Followers 62h 23m
classics + las canciones mas conocidas de artistas indi de la década del 2010 + maricoteca + canciones que decís na temazo que buena radio
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0 Followers 10h 34m

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