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"Money on the Dash" is a collaborative song by Chicago producer Whethan and American singer Elley Duhé. They released the pulse-pounding cut as a standalone single on January 20, 2023.

Infused with Whethan's future bass backdrop, Elley Duhé takes us on a journey of living life on the edge. Using driving metaphors, she paints vivid imagery of a life lived at breakneck speed where every turn of the wheel carries the potential for both exhilarating victory and heart-stopping danger.

Whethan and Elley Duhé collaborated on "Money on the Dash" after they met at a music festival in 2022. They had mutual admiration for each other's work and decided to work together on a track that would showcase their unique styles and sounds. They wrote and recorded the song in Los Angeles with singer-songwriter Nick Lopez and musician and producer Dru Decaro. Lopez and Decaro also worked on Em Beihold's "Numb Little Bug."

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4/4Time Signature


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Not Fit For Society, Inc./Good Luck Have Fun Records
2023 Not Fit For Society, Inc./Good Luck Have Fun Records

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