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The phrase "seeing red" is an idiom that means to become very angry. It is often used to describe someone who is so enraged that they are uncontrollable. This song serves as Architects' clapback to online critics. The issue here is that the band started out with material that was coarse, chaotic, and rhythmically complex, but has since become more melodic. This has widened their audience but rankled their more hardcore fans who have accused them of going mainstream. These purists claim Architects shine brightest when they're "seeing red," delivering mega-aggressive music. This track is a response to those metalcore zealots who can't handle their evolution.

I felt it when they said "We only ever love you when you're seeing red" Blegh Seeing red The "blegh" ad-lib is a guttural, harsh sound often used in metalcore and deathcore music. It is typically used to express anger, frustration, or other intense emotions. The "blegh" was popularized by metalcore bands in the early 2000s and has since become a staple of the genre. Architects frontman Sam Carter used the sound extensively for many years and it became a signature of the band. Early in 2020, the vocalist vented his frustration at "that stupid noise." When a fan questioned if this signaled the end of the "blegh," the vocalist responded with a resolute "100 percent." But just a smidge over 10 seconds into "Seeing Red," Carter resurrects the "bleigh." It's not just a scream; it's a raw expression of his anger and defiance against the band's purist critics.

Sam Carter teamed up with Architects' drummer Dan Searle to pen the song. Searle also produced the track with Mick Gordon, a musician known in the video game realm, having left his mark on iconic series like DOOM, Killer Instinct, and Wolfenstein.

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