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Bring Me The Horizon
Bullet For My Valentine
Asking Alexandria
Killswitch Engage
Ice Nine Kills
In Flames
Lamb of God
In This Moment
Parkway Drive


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Best of Melodic Metalcore
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The most popular Melodic Metalcore songs on Spotify • By
Metal Playlist💥🤟
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All kind of metal!! ⚡😎
Deathcore/Death Metal 😈🤘
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My favourite death metal and Deathcore. 🤟
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Let the rage consume you
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Agressive Beats
DC's Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack
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Instrumental death metal songs to listen to while reading the DC comics crossover event. Dark Nights: Death Metal. Plus the songs from the official album.
Thomas Frank's Workout Playlist
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Proper music for fighting bears
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I'm made of wax and hate this town
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