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Bassist Dale Stewart told TheyWillRockYou that originally the band weren't sure if this song was going to make the album: "Yeah, we weren't sure because it was very much trying to see if there was a song in a weird kind of swing beat, if there was a Rock song in there somewhere. It was definitely a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing. I don't know if it was initially intended to be taken seriously but when we started recording it and Shaun started singing on it, we thought it sounded good and we thought it could be a single. It was a song that got stuck in your head after a day of recording and we thought that was a really good sign that it could get stuck in some other people's heads too."

In the same interview Stewart elaborated how "Fake It" came to be chosen as the band's first single off the album: "It was kind of a collaborative effort with us, the label and management team. We started recording a few tracks for potential singles and 'Fake It' was one of them and when we sat down to listen to them, that's what popped out as what should be the single. We had a conference call and everyone chimed in and everyone was pretty much unanimous that 'Fake It' would be the best lead off single for the album."

The band shot the video for the new single in Los Angeles. Drummer John Humphrey told CHCH about it: "It's shot with a hip-hop video vibe; we're in the jet and we're partying, and then there is this big epic scenic set where we're jamming, and it's snowing on us for no reason, and there are lots of girls, and then the backdrop falls and shows how it's just a set. It's hilarious. The point is to show how fake and pretentious it all is. How shallow [the industry] can be."


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