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This song features Rihanna, who belts out the lyrics over Calvin Harris' bubbly arrangement. The pair have worked together before, scoring hits with "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been."

Calvin Harris originally intended for the song to go Rihanna's Anti album. He told Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on KISS FM's breakfast show. "I was playing it to her for [her] album and she said, 'I don't really think it suits my album.' I went, 'Ah OK, no worries.' And then she said, 'But I'd do it as a feature'. I'm like, 'What?!'" "'OK, that's incredible,' you know, 'thank you so much,' and then when she was done with her album, she recorded this for me."

The song was debuted on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on April 29, 2016. Harris admitted Rihanna hadn't heard the final mix until he played it to her at Coachella a fortnight previously. (Rihanna had made a surprise appearance at the California music festival when she joined Harris to perform "We Found Love"). Harris told the show's host Nick Grimshaw: "She was like 'this is sick.' It was great. It was the first time anything's happened like that with me when I sit with the artist and nervous to play it to her because I changed so many bits from when she heard it, like musically. I'll never forget that actually, sitting in the trailer playing it and seeing the vibe hitting her, she was into it. It was amazing."

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