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Calvin Harris is the stage name of Adam Richard Wiles, who was born in Dumfries, Scotland. His first recordings were "Da Bongos" and "Brighter Days," which were released by the Prima Facie label in early 2002 under the name Stouffer.

Calvin Harris is 6ft 5 ¾ inches tall. He got picked on at school because of his height. "People would call me a 'big lanky ----' and all that kind of stuff," Harris recalled to The Daily Record. "I couldn't fight. The only fight I was in, I fell down before he hit me. The only thing I was good at was running away because I had long legs."

In 2006 Harris signed a publishing contract with EMI after being discovered by one of the label employees on the social networking website MySpace. Harris also signed a recording contract with Sony that same year. He released his debut single, "Acceptable In The 80s, " a tribute to the style and culture of the decade on March 12, 2007. The song reached #10 in the UK.

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