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This song is about anxiety attacks and a feeling that you are going crazy. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong suffered from various panic disorders while he was growing up - he would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack and walk around his neighborhood to settle down. "Basket Case" was a cathartic and personal song for him. "The only way I knew how to deal with it was to write a song about it," he explained. This song stereotypes the whole condition of paranoia and compares it to being stoned.

By the time this came out on Dookie, Green Day had already released two albums on an independent label. They had a small but ardent following that led to a bidding war for the band, which was won by Reprise Records. "Basket Case" was the third single from the album, following "Longview" and "Welcome To Paradise," and it was their breakout hit, getting airplay on Rock, Top 40, and Alternative radio stations. The singles from Dookie were not available for sale (an effort to spur sales of the album), but were released to radio, making them ineligible for the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Basket Case" peaked at #26 on the Airplay chart of October 8, 1994, which was around the time of peak frenzy during Green Day concerts. The song also got a nice push from MTV, which put the Mark Kohr-directed video in hot rotation.

Speaking in a 2024 Song Exploder podcast, Billie Joe Armstrong peeled back the layers of "Basket Case," revealing a surprising origin story. Initially conceived in 1993, the song started as a grand love ballad. Armstrong envisioned a contrasting intro leading into a full-band explosion, even crafting a beatbox drumbeat with his mouth for the demo. However, drugs played a part in shaping the song's early direction. "I was on crystal meth when I wrote the lyrics," Armstrong admitted, acknowledging that the experience ultimately left him feeling disappointed with the results. He described the original lyrics as "embarrassingly bad," prompting him to discard them and re-approach the song entirely. This decision led to a major breakthrough. Reflecting on his own struggles with panic attacks, Armstrong channeled those experiences into the lyrics, transforming "Basket Case" into a powerful anthem about mental health. "I've had panic attacks since I was a kid," he revealed, highlighting the lack of awareness surrounding them in the '80s. "Writing about it was a way of coping, expressing that feeling of going crazy but ultimately pulling through."

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