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Written by the group's guitarist Matt Slocum, this dreamy truffle of a pop song had humble beginnings. Released on their third album, which came out November 22, 1997, it was issued as a single on August 11, 1998. This being the late '90s, TV producers were on the lookout for fresh songs to provide dramatic underscore for big scenes, like maybe a pivotal kiss in a popular teen drama. "Kiss Me" got some attention when it was used on the second season of the WB TV show Dawson's Creek, first on November 11, 1998 and then on another episode that aired April 28, 1999. In between, it was used in the movie She's All That, which premiered January 29, 1999. With just about every teenage girl in America hearing the song on the TV show, the movie, or the many radio stations that put the song in rotation, it cracked the Top-40 on February 27, 1999 and made it all the way to #2.

The late '90s were the big years for TV show soundtracks, and shows like Ally McBeal, Party of Five, Mad About You and Friends would often integrate music into episodes to enhance not only the scenes but also the soundtrack albums, which sold very well. "Kiss Me" was the first track on Songs From Dawson's Creek, which made it to #7 on the US albums chart. Even before the show hit air, it had a powerful musical impact: promos for the first season of the show in 1997 featured Paula Cole's song "I Don't Want To Wait," which gave the song a big sales boost. Dawson's Creek was also notable for putting some songs on the soundtrack album that hadn't yet appeared on the show.

Sixpence None the Richer is a Contemporary Christian trio from Austin, Texas. Their name comes from a passage in C.S. Lewis' book Mere Christianity.

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1996 Squint Entertainment

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