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Paul McCartney wrote this song while he was lounging at John Lennon's pool. It was at least partly inspired by The Beach Boys' song "God Only Knows." McCartney was asked in 1990 about the influence of The Beach Boys on this song by Brian Wilson biographer David Leaf. Said Paul: "It's actually just the introduction that's influenced. John and I used to be interested in what the old fashioned writers used to call the verse, which we nowadays would call the intro - this whole preamble to a song, and I wanted to have one of those on the front of 'Here, There and Everywhere.' John and I were quite into those from the old-fashioned songs that used to have them, and in putting that [sings "To lead a better life"] on the front of 'Here, There and Everywhere,' we were doing harmonies, and the inspiration for that was the Beach Boys. We had that in our minds during the introduction to 'Here, There and Everywhere.' I don't think anyone, unless I told them, would even notice, but we'd often do that, get something off an artist or artists that you really liked and have them in your mind while you were recording things, to give you the inspiration and give you the direction - nearly always, it ended up sounding more like us than them anyway."

John Lennon and Paul McCartney both mentioned this as one of the most underrated Beatles songs. In 2005 interviews, McCartney said that of all the songs he has written, this is his favorite. He likes it best because of the way that it flows together, comparing it to the style of the Fred Astaire hit "Cheek To Cheek," one of his favorite songs.

McCartney was trying to sing this like Marianne Faithfull, a popular singer in the '60s who was Mick Jagger's girlfriend. He would often approach a song from the perspective of a singer he admired; on "Lady Madonna," he evoked Fats Domino.

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