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The band had the name "The Devil Wears Prada" before the movie came out, but they didn't come up the phrase. The name was taken from the book of the same title, which was also the basis for the movie. Chris Rubey explained that the band liked the name because they believed it reflected an "antimaterialistic sentiment." Despite the explosive popularity of the movie and eventually finding out that the book was not especially about greed, the band has kept the name.

The band was responsible for the creation a zombie video game featuring their music, Zombie Slay. The game was devised as a way to thematically extend the work they did on their Zombie>. Additionally, the game functions as a prequel to comic book that came with the EP. Zombie Slay, a first person shooter developed by Echo Studios, is described by the band as "Slayin' zombies and headbanging at the same time."

When the band first formed, all of its members were still in high school.


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