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Chris Howorth and Maria Brink formed In This Moment in 2005. Chris is from Topeka, Kansas, and Maria from Schenectady, New York. They came together in Los Angeles, where they both moved to get their music careers going. They wrote some songs together using a drum machine before adding three more members.

The band formed at the dawn of social media, and they dove in headlong, establishing a robust MySpace page they used to connect with fans and other bands (that's where Chris and Maria found guitarist Blake Bunzel). MySpace imploded, but they developed huge followings on Facebook and Instagram. Maria Brink also has personal accounts that are very popular, especially on Instagram, where she has more followers than the group.

Maria Brink writes the lyrics, which can be very bleak, especially in her visceral delivery. They have a positive motivation though. "A lot of our fans are tortured souls, and we can relate," she explained at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2018. "A lot of people have experienced the darkness and get stuck in that. We use it to turn that pain into power."


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