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Following her 1986 Rock a Little tour, she entered the Betty Ford rehab center to kick her cocaine addiction (she had been using the drug since the early '70s). The treatment worked, but she soon got hooked on the prescription drug Klonopin, which took her eight years to beat. She says the drug made her gain about 50 pounds and "stole" those years from her life.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, her father was Jess Nicks, former president of a Chicago meatpacking plant named Greyhound's Armour-Dial.

Nicks is best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and then her later solo work, but the first album she ever released was Buckingham Nicks in 1973, a collaboration with her boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. The album did not sell well and got the duo dropped from the Polydor label, but they proved the perfect fit for Fleetwood Mac, which they joined in 1974.


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