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Maroon 5 began in 1994 while members Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, and Mickey Madden were still in high school. The band's original name was Kara's Flowers and they played garage/grunge music. Their first gig was at Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood in September 1995. They scored a deal as Kara's Flowers with Reprise Records but was dropped after only 6 months. The band's album The Fourth World came out in 1997 but was a massive failure, only selling 5,000 copies. The poor sales numbers were discouraging and nearly caused the band to breakup in 1998.

Maroon 5's debut album Songs About Jane became a sleeper hit in 2002. Five songs from the record were released as singles which helped it become the seventh best-selling album of 2002, with sales of 2.7 million copies. Vocalist and lyricist Adam Levine did make up with the album's muse and by 2007 he was referring to Jane as a "close friend."

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has Jewish ancestry on both sides of his family. In an interview with London newspaper The Jewish Chronicle, Levine explained that while he considers himself a Jew, he does not practice traditional Judaism but favors a "more generalized spiritual way of life."


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