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The Avett Brothers are a folk rock band from Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. With a signature sound combining Appalachia banjo, rhythm and blues, and tunes catchy enough to be categorized as pop, The Avett Brothers bring a 21st century mindset to sentiments such as love, betrayal, addiction and religion that are as old as the hills.

Musical brothers Scott and Seth Avett played in separate bands Nemo and Margo, respectively. The two merged their projects around 1997, and played together under the name Nemo. Several smaller projects including live Nemo performance recordings led to the brothers' first album, the self-titled EP The Avett Brothers under their newly chosen family name. Guitarist John Twomey contributed to that album, but the band's lineup soon changed. Memphis Quick 50 bassist Bob Crawford joined the band in 2002, prior to the release of their first full-length album, Country Was.

The Avett Brothers planned their own national tour for Country Was, and the local following they had been building for years grew bigger with each new city, town and festival. The band soon began working on a follow-up, and released the albums Live at the Double Door Inn and the critically acclaimed A Carolina Jubilee back to back. Working with southern Ramseur Records, the young musicians spent over 70 hours in the studio honing their style.


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