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Nelson thought he was born on April 30, 1933, but he discovered late in life from an elderly relative that he was actually born just before midnight on the 29th and the doctor didn't record his time of birth accurately. Now, Willie celebrates both days.

He and his sister Bobbie were raised by their paternal grandparents, who proved to be very influential in developing their love for music. Their grandparents taught them guitar and piano, respectively, with the help of mail-order music lessons.

Nelson wrote his first poem in church at the age of five and recited it for his debut public performance. He began playing guitar (a Sears Stella) a year later and shortly thereafter began putting melodies together with his poems. By the age of nine he was playing in a band with his sister. Willie recalled his first poem during an interview with UK's Uncut magazine. It went: What  are you looking at me for I ain't got nothing to say If you don't like the looks of me You can look some other way.


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