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Beautiful Electronics.
39 Followers 58h 45m
Capture the real essence of electronic music
The reggae
7 Followers 52h 52m
if i was dying music would save me
1 Follower 6h 50m
a mix of feelings
it's time to cry
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Amazing Covers
0 Followers 4h 45m
Jonathon Young, NateWantsToBattle, Caled Hyles, Ninja Sex Party, and Jared Halley are all great cover artists.
🤘🎶Daily 🎧🎸
0 Followers 107h 4m
Any song I can think of. Cover: Andy Biersack
Frankie on the Steel Drums
4 Followers 3h 7m
A playlist for my dear cycy (and any other lovely people) to get some exposure to those tropical house vibes.

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