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In the middle of a 2007 European tour, then-singer Craig Mabbitt temporarily left the band to spend time with his family. When he tried to return, the band wouldn't take him back. Despite Mabbitt posting a bulletin expressing his willingness to rejoin, the band stuck by their decision and began the search for a new singer. Meanwhile Beau Bokan's original band, Take the Crown, had broken up. He received a demo from Blessthefall wondering if he could audition by writing lyrics for it. The verse and chorus he sent back impressed the band so much that they not only did they invite him to join the band after a trial session, but the song was eventually released as "Hey Baby Here's That Song You Wanted" on their 2009 album, Witness.

Beau Bokan is strong in his Christian faith but, he assured Songfacts, he's not going to stand onstage and tell people they're going to hell if they don't believe in God. Instead, the Blessthefall front man shares his beliefs through, a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage and inspire youth.

"Kids come there and talk about their problems, the issues and their faith or their non faith. Or whatever it may be. And I just recently did a couple for blogs for them. I did an interview and I did a blog on forgiveness. And so now more fans are finding out more about my faith, because I can share it on this forum rather than on stage just kind of shouting out to the kids," Bokan said.

While all the members of the band are Christian, they don't want to pegged as a Christian band. "We try to live good lives," Beau Bokan said in an interview with Shotmonster, "but it's not my place to tell people want to think." However, Bokan does expect fans to respect each other. Once, when a fight broke out in the pit, Bokan intervened and instructed the two fans to hug.


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