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Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson and Neil Amin-Smith met while studying as undergraduates at Jesus College, University of Cambridge The quartet formed Clean Bandit after they performed at the National Rail Disco in 2008 and witnessed the response to their music first hand onstage. "From that first performance that we did at this club night, we all knew it was something we wanted to do," Grace Chatto told "It was such an electric atmosphere at the gig and it was really exciting."

The band's name comes from an English translation of a Russian phrase with a meaning of "utter" or "complete bastard." Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson lived in Moscow for a period and their landlady used to refer to a friend of theirs as a Clean Bandit, though she meant it affectionately. The name stuck and they decided to take it as a band name.

Neil Amin-Smith got the highest mark in his year at Cambridge upon completing a masters in economics. As a result, he was approached by both MI6 and the Foreign Office.

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