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Moby is a vegan. That means he won't eat anything that comes from animals (eggs, cheese, milk, etc).

When he couldn't get his songs on the radio, he started licensing them for commercials to get them exposure. His album Play is the first to have every song used in commercials. The ads gave the album a huge boost in sales.

His real name is Richard Melville Hall.

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Tranquil Chasing
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Under the Influence
Welcome to the UNDERGROUND
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Jackin, Tech-House and Minimal. Selected hits directly from a 15 year experienced pro-DJ
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best of 80s, 90s and early 2000s
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Alin Rof
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That Modern 80s Sound
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George Michael might not still be around, but the sounds of the 80s still are! These are 2000s-era songs that have that 1980s-inspired vibe.
Rainy Daze
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It is recommended that you only listen to this playlist if there are grey rainy skies outside and you're lazing around in your pyjamas. This yummy playlist contains strong notes of chill hop, luscious slow melodic beats and some deep stuff, man. Pour some for yourself and try it out.

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