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M83 got their name from "Messier 83," a spiral galaxy. These types of galaxies contain discs of stars, gas, and dust spinning in a flat, circular motion. Spiral galaxies were first discussed by famous astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1936.

The video for M83's single "Midnight City" features telekinetic children who escape a boarding school and test their powers in an empty building. The clip was inspired by movies like Village of the Damned, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., and The Neverending Story.

On the M83 song "Raconte-MoiUne Histoire," producer Justin Meldel-Johnson's five year old daughter sings backup vocals. M83 singer Anthony Gonzalez says the little girl is a "born actress" and that in the studio she talked to him for "30 minutes non-stop."


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