Mind Over Matter (Reprise)

2015 Released

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The title cut of Young The Giant's sophomore album finds frontman Sameer Gadhia singing of being "a young man after all." The record they explained was a way for the band to go back that same head space they had at 16-years-old and just be creative without "really thinking or worrying about much and living in the present." "I think it's just us trying to figure things out and maybe trying to tell a story for everyone who's trying to figure their life out," Gadhia stated. Guitarist Jacob Tilley added: "I think this time around and this batch of writing that we did for this record, all of it was pretty much derived from our experiences of being on the road and growing up as five individuals together and all the challenges that we had to overcome. From the most obvious ones like being away from home and family and the taxing environment which touring is but also what we dealt with as a band in creating a sophomore record."

Young The Giant suffered from the increased expectations for their sophomore set. It was this song which not only broke their creative block, but also sonically shaped the record. "'Mind Over Matter' got us over all that, and everything came together after that," Gadhia explained to MTV News. "For us, it's about trying to connect with who we are, completely, external and separate from the world that we find ourselves in, and about trying to connect with ourselves as individuals and sonically, our music-scape. We definitely explored a lot on this album, particularly the idea of choice; one can either do what they want to do, or completely destroy themselves, based on their own choice."


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