modern alternative rock


Artists making modern alternative rock music.
The Neighbourhood
The 1975
Cage The Elephant
The Black Keys
X Ambassadors
The Score
Of Monsters and Men
Royal Blood


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Always loading this baby up
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songs i think are very cool atm :]
bussin?? yeh i think so
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sheeeee 🍊🪓
crying in the rain
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this is basically a collection of sad taylor swift songs
songs that tickle my brain
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running from the cops drunk
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quick ! you’re in a movie !
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ok basic name, but i feel like i could be in a 2000's romcom... even though some of these songs are after the 2000's
now i'm cool, quirky, and *indie*
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dude idek what indie is, it's just songs that i like oK, edit: it gets better the farther down you scroll

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