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Young the Giant originally formed in 2004 under the moniker "The Jakes." Most of their members were still in high school, some as young as 15. The only current bandmates who were around for this early period are Sameer Gadhia and Jacob Tilley. "Young the Giant" was suggested as a name by Gadhia when the group all decided they were sick of their previous one, and according to the singer it has no special meaning or significance.

The band members dropped out of college to pursue Young the Giant full-time. However, they underwent the process in a very responsible fashion. They dressed nicely, prepared pamphlets explaining what they were hoping to achieve, and had a four hour meeting with their parents. The result was a mutual agreement for the band members to take six months off from school and see what came from it.

The band likes to prepare for live performances by mellowing out as much as possible. In an interview with Music Obsessed, Francois Comtois said that the band prefers to sit peacefully, sipping tea and maybe a little whisky. Once they step on stage, however, it's as if a switch is flipped, and they're instantly able to perform to their fullest extent.


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