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"Lost" is a raw and introspective emo anthem where frontman Oli Sykes lays bare the contents of his troubled mind. The track kicks off with Sykes delving into his battle with drug addiction, specifically recalling his struggles with ketamine. Watching Evangelion with a big fat slug of ketamine I lost the plot a little while ago Back in 2014, Sykes made headlines when he revealed his addiction to ketamine after experiencing a personal crisis that led to his hospitalization. Here, he reflects on a moment where he indulged in the drug while watching the Japanese animated sci-fi action film Evangelion.

Tragedy struck again when Sykes' beloved dog Oskar passed away on April 26, 2021. My dog just died, my friends hate me Sykes' bond with Oskar was stronger than his friendships, leading him to believe that his friends now harbor animosity towards him.

As the song progresses, Sykes shares his disillusionment with therapy. I used to go to therapy, but the doctor tried to section me The next time that I open up to someone will be my autopsy Sykes alludes to a situation where he felt betrayed by a therapist who violated his trust by attempting to have him involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation.

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