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Out of all the songs on Melophobia, this happened the fastest. Vocalist Matt Shultz recalled to Artist Direct: "I was sitting there on the floor of my living room. I was strumming a guitar, and I started coming up with that melody. Then, the words started to flow out. If the right experiences are happening in your life, it doesn't hurt. It definitely helps. I called our producer, and I was like, 'I don't know. What do you think?' He just said, 'Matt, finish the song right now! Just do it.' I hung up the phone and tried to let it flow through. A lot of things happen in life grow in experiences. They can cause heartache, jubilee, or whatever. To be able to directly put those in a song is a pretty amazing thing."

Rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz recalled his reaction to MusicRadar.com after his brother played the song to him on his phone. "He was talking about maybe using it for something other than Cage, but I was an instant fan of the song," he said. "This was a moment of realization like, 'Why do we have to write Cage The Elephant songs? We can just write songs, regardless of what style of music they might be.'" "I like the idea of doing things that people might not expect from us," Shultz added. "So we decided to take a whole new approach to writing, and this song is a good example of that. It's just about being honest."

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