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The indie-rock band formed in Austin, Texas, and borrowed its name from the '70s German avant-garde band Can, who had a hit song called "Spoon."

A year before forming Spoon, frontman Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno met as members of the short-lived rockabilly band The Alien Beats. When the group disbanded in 1993, Daniel recorded solo material under the pseudonym Drake Tungsten. Some of those tunes were later re-recorded by Spoon, including "I Could Be Underground," "Chicago At Night," "All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed," "Dismember," and "I Want To Be Your Friend."

Eric Harvey, Spoon's keyboardist, is a classically trained pianist and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas in 2003, a year before he joined the band. He was already familiar with Daniel because the pair lived in the same apartment complex a few years earlier. But he actually joined the group when they needed an analog synth for a recording session and he happened to have one.


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