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Although several bands have used the style more or less before them (Joy Division for example), Bauhaus are generally considered to be the first ever Gothic band. The band created nihilistic monotone gloomy music, often with cryptic lyrics on doomy subjects, and often they tried to achieve a horror atmosphere on stage due to dark lights, coffins on stage, and singer Peter Murphy adopting a vampire look. Bauhaus are therefore credited as godfathers of gothic.

The band formed in Northampton (UK). They were originally named Bauhaus 1919 but were soon renamed Bauhaus. The band broke up in 1984 but reformed in 1998 for a new tour. In 2005 the band reformed again for the Coachella Festival, but what started as a once-off gig lead to a new world tour, and the band began recording new material. In 2008, they released their last album, Go Away White, which marked the end of the band - they didn't tour to promote it.

All members have side-projects, most famous are Love And Rockets (all members apart from Murphy) and the solo career of Peter Murphy.


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