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Timberlake rose to fame as the most prominent member of the group 'N Sync. When the group broke up in 2002, he started a solo career that became very successful, but it took a while before journalists stopped asking questions about getting back together with 'N Sync. Timberlake says it wasn't until his song "SexyBack" that he was widely accepted as a solo artist.

Despite being a constant presence in the media, he released just two albums in the '00s: Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds. He says he only makes music when inspiration strikes, and refuses to create music on a deadline.

He is a huge hit on Saturday Night Live, where he is a frequent host. He earned Emmy Awards for his work on the show for Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series and for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics for his song/skits "Dick In A Box" and "Motherlover."


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