post-teen pop


Artists making post-teen pop music.
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Ariana Grande
One Direction
Nicki Minaj
Selena Gomez
Cardi B
Lady Gaga
Harry Styles
Shawn Mendes


Playlists featuring post-teen pop.
gum wrappers
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my absolute favorite human, how i adore you so
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☁ 4
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21 May
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hold my two hands, form the cover, show you a life, I fancy no other
21 June
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tell me 'bout the other side, oven-roasted butterflies, if you think the mountain's pretty, wait until the summertime.
21 July
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dirty, pretty, beautiful.
teenager days
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(Dramatic days)
Taylor Sừit
13 Followers 3h 18m
I'm depressed, but that's ok
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