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For years, Jack and Meg told people they were brother and sister, concocting elaborate stories about how they grew up together the youngest of 10 children, with Meg learning to play on Jack's drum kit. They were actually married. Jack's real last name was Gillis, but he took her last name when they wed in 1996. The brother-sister story was very believable because they look so much alike.

They started catching on nationally with their third album, White Blood Cells, and the single "Fell In Love With A Girl," which came with a wildly innovate video built with Legos. Their next album, Elephant, was their first on a major label. Issued in 2003, it expanded their audience considerably, thanks in no small part to the song "Seven Nation Army."

Jack has a keen design aesthetic and developed a striking visual look based on the peppermint candies Meg loves. They stuck to the colors red, black and white in their outfits and visuals. Jack feels these are the colors of "anger and innocence."


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