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The Evan Herndon Experience
5 Followers 49h 8m
Across 809 Songs, 300 years, 238 Artists, 14 Video Games, and 45 Hours of Music, this is the entire catalog of music that I like.
purple haze
4 Followers 14h 5m
amazing music for an intense mood
完徹 listening to angrily played Chopin nocturnes (August - November)
1 Follower 7h 53m
La mia disperazione viene a Mezzanotte | mutata è la valle,la luna nuota sui prati, | la falce rotta della sera irata poggia | sul davanzale e mi guarda. | Io sono in frantumi, lo so bene, | come questa falce,ormai nessuno più mi illude, | nemmeno il fiume che si pronuncia | ancor prima del mattino.
6 Followers 428h 17m
Playlist of songs that I like even though I only listen to 1% of them majority of the time. Basically just a sorted out version of my liked songs.
Work it!
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Music that I can play at work without getting yelled at.
Music farm
1 Follower 208h 9m
main big large canyon
cUt mY LiFe inTo PieCeS
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