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George Michael
Tears For Fears
Annie Lennox
Tina Turner
Kylie Minogue
Cyndi Lauper
Billy Idol


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Best of New Wave Pop
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The most popular New Wave Pop songs on Spotify • By
Radio Forever
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Timeless 70s, 80s & 90s Hits. Welcome to Radio Forever! I'm your host, Arash – Let it touch your soul.
Old YouTube Music (2005-2012)
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Music from YouTube’s golden age. Unregistered Hypercam 2, bad Notepad tutorials, YouTube Poops, classic viral videos and more.
eighties classics
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Cover art by Phil Collins.
Uptempo Tantrum: UK Punk & New Wave Classics
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UK Punk and New Wave Classics, mainly from the 70s and initially found infamy as 7inch singles.
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A big list of tracks either by Giorgio Moroder, produced by Giorgio Moroder or influenced by the sound and style of Moroder.
Tearjerkers [R&B/Soul, Pop, Acoustic, Country, Singer/Songwriter, Adult Contemporary] [3 hours]
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A playlist full of guilty pleasures! Some of them are sentimental, some nostalgic, some just plain cheesy, but they're all songs you secretly love to listen to, locked away in your room, on your own, with a duvet and a hot drink and getting all emotional ... you know you do! Come on, let it all out!
///SYNTHPOP CLASSICS/// Alphaville, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, Soft Cell, Pete Shelley, etc.
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And also : The Human League, Thompson Twins, Men Without Hats, Orchestral Manoeuvre In The Dark, New Order, Thomas Dolby.
studio 3054
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what woudl play in a revival studio 54(that’s on the moon), lost of 80s revival and remixes, house interspersed

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